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Septoplasty is a procedure to correct any problems with your nasal septum (the piece of cartilage and bone that separates the nasal passages).

Why you might need it

You may have had a nose injury or the way your nose has grown over time, that has caused a block in your nose, making it difficult to breathe through your nostrils.

Symptoms may also include facial pain, nosebleeds. sinus infections, or noisy breathing whilst you sleep.

Your Consultant

You will have a consultation with an ENT consultant, during which you can discuss your symptoms and any questions that you may have. Your consultant will discuss the procedure with you so you know exactly what to expect. Your consultant may also discuss if any further diagnostic tests may be needed, such as a blood test or scan, with you.

The Procedure

A septoplasty is performed under general anaesthetic, meaning you will be asleep during the procedure and will not feel any pain, and should take approximately 30 – 90 minutes depending on the complexity of your deviated septum. Your consultant will discuss this with you.

The surgeon will make an incision inside of your nose to one side of your septum. The mucous membrane (inner lining) of your nose is then lifted away from the cartilage and bone to allow your surgeon to straighten the septum, or remove any parts that are causing obstruction. Once this has been done, the lining is replaced and stitched in place.


Following the procedure, you will be taken to a recovery room to recuperate until you are ready to go home, which will be the same day as your procedure.

Your nose will feel blocked for up to 3 days post-surgery, and occasionally you may experience bruising under your eyes and/or some numbness around the tip of your nose, but this is normal and both will resolve naturally.

You will need to arrange someone to drive you home from the hospital following your procedure. You should not drive, operate machinery, drink alcohol, or sign legal documents for 48 hours following surgery.

Usually, you can return to work 1 – 2 weeks following surgery and will be advised about returning to leisure activities by your consultant.


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Our dedicated team will still be there for you during each step of your recovery, even once you have left the hospital if you have any queries or concerns. Our consultants will usually book a follow-up appointment with you before you are discharged from hospital, to see how you are doing.

Whilst it is rare occurrence, surgery does carry a risk of complications. These depend on the type of operation you have as well as a variety of other factors such as your overall general health. During your consultation/s your consultant will discuss the possible risks and complications of having this procedure, and how they may apply to you, and answer any concerns or questions you have.

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